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Rationalize your software development process with DevOps technology that brings development and operations teams together to build and deliver software in fewer spans of time.

DevOps Cloud Services

Cloud Expertise

In the world of digital transformation & fast paced market environment we have adopted every latest technology which makes us champ in the migrating applications from On-premises to Google Cloud Platform/Amazon Web Services/Google Kubernetes Engine/Digital Ocean/Oracle Cloud/Microsoft Azure .

DevOps Services

Infrastructure as Code

Our DevOps developers are acquainted with Cloud Orchestration Tools. We have provision to manage and compute instances, networks, storage using Terraform, Heat templates, Vagrant. Using different Terraform module we are dexterous in deploying instances, floating IPs, security groups, networks, subnets, volumes in different cloud platforms

DevOps Configuration Managment Tools

Configuration Management

We work in an adroit manner and capable of managing, configuring app using SCM Tools (Chef, Puppet, and Ansible). We have years of experience on ANSIBLE. Using Ansible we can implement Playbooks, Task control, jinja2 Templates, Ansible Vault Roles, Ansible Tower, Managing Variables and inclusion etc.

Continuous Integration & Development

ONjection DevOps developers can efficiently set up CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, GitlabCI, and TeamCity.  Jenkins Plug-Ins we are familiar with Git, Gradle, Groovy, Mavin, Sonar and others. Using Git Lab Ci we are capable of designing Git Lab runners with different executers like SHELL, Kubernetes, Docker runners, Atlassian Bitbucket.


We accept every IT challenges as an opportunity to grow and this will keep our developers in a good state of mind. To fulfill the demand of our customers & help them to realize their dreams in to reality we provide AWS IoT core integrations with IoT devices. List of IoT devices includes computer devices, home appliances, sensors & others.


Combination of micro services & DevOps proves to be a fully functional package for enterprises. To design modern application we provide services for  Deployment of an app in form of containers on Kubernetes, Mesos Merathon, Docker Swarm.

DevOps technologies that we are expert in

Why ONjection Labs as your DevOps Technology Partner

ONjection is a key player in rendering DevOps services globally. Our versatile DevOps developers hasten the software delivery process using best industry practices & render real-time dashboards. Our DevOps consultants have helped a number of stakeholders to implement DevOps technology and deliver IT applications in a fixed time epoch of time.

  • High-Quality Build & Clean Code
  • Error Free Code Reports
  • Reduce data transfer Cost
  • Hassle Free Deployment
  • Solve Complex Problem
  • Secure Migration

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